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Why JuniOrtho

We understand that there is no stronger bond than the love of a parent for their child, and that they will move mountains to ensure the safety and happiness of their son or daughter.


The link between surgeons, parents and child

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JuniOrtho products and resources act as the link between surgeon, parents and child. The focus is to help surgeons give children with bone traumas and other pathologies the best opportunity at achieving their potential. The JuniOrtho team is committed to this purpose and will work tirelessly to achieve it.

Why JuniOrtho

The JuniOrtho team is committed to thinking, planning and engineering products and services for kids and young adults. We believe that adapting standard adult products to children is simply suboptimal and we are changing that. That is why the JuniOrtho brand has been developed by Orthofix.

A long and proud history of innovation

The JuniOrtho team researches, designs and produces many of the leading orthopaedic treatment options available globally. Our medical devices have been used to help children around the worlds. The JuniOrtho brand leverages the Orthofix’s heritage.

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